Museum of Spotlit Objects (MOSO)

A series of photographs of spotlit objects that I have collected throughout my life. 

Vintage wind-up watch- My nan gave me this and told me it would suit my style.

Vintage camera- Nan took this to England with her when she went in 1977.

Antique butter dish- This was my Nan's. I use it to store necklaces she gave me.

Flower hair clip- This was found on a walk in Old Harlow, England.

Glow sticks- These fell out of my clothes when I got home after a night of dancing.

Train tickets- This is a pile of all of my train tickets from when I lived in England in 2011.

Hardened, twisted leaf- Found this during a walk in Old Harlow, England.

Small frog beanie- I've had this since childhood. I used to take it with me when I'd be away from home for a sleepover or camping trip.

Seeds- I picked these seeds up while on a walk in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada.